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How can I save money on shipping?Updated 4 months ago

How can I save money on shipping?

Tip #1: Plan ahead.

Avoid costly expedited shipping fees by purchasing far enough in advance to ensure you don't run low of anything you need.

Online shopping and shipping have, of course been affected a great deal by Covid and will continue to evolve. We advise building in a few more days 'padding' when you plan your purchases, just in case.

Tip #2: Always buy at least two at a time... especially if it's liquid!

If you're trying out new things, it's understandable that you only want one. But if there are items you purchase regularly, such as preservative-free saline solution or any other heavy item, try to avoid purchasing just one box. Adding another box usually only adds a dollar or two to the shipping cost.

Here are some examples of why it's better to buy two or more:

 Ground shipping cost for 3 boxes purchased individuallyGround shipping cost for 3 boxes purchased at the same time
Lacripure3 x ~$10 = $30 $11.50 to $13.50

3 x ~$10 = $30
Purilens 12pack

3 x ~$12 = $36
$11.50 to $15


These prices are approximate only! Use the cart calculator to see your actual shipping cost based on your location.

Tip #3: Ask us to help find a "sweet spot" for your favorite product.

Ex: How many ScleralFil can I get via Fedex 2Day for a $14.95 flat rate price?

We delight in such trivia. Call, text or email for some shipping savings handholding.

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