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What to expectUpdated 2 years ago

1. It's all about trial and error.

You probably already know that, but we just want to re-iterate it. We see our job as supporting you through the trial and error process by providing tons of information and guidance. We try to make returns as easy as we can, too. We can't do everything, though - we certainly can't subsidize everyone's eye drop trials, for example. So please purchase what you can afford (and if you can't afford something that you need, check the freebie list). But for all of the products where we have manufacturer support, we provide full product refunds.

2. Ask us for advice before purchasing.

We can't guarantee that we'll find a perfect match, but we can share all our expertise to help you understand pros, cons, uniquenesses, and limitations so that at the very least, you'll have a clear idea of the range of possible outcomes to expect.

3. Consult your eye doctor before purchasing.

Your eye doctor may or may not be familiar with all our products. If you found us yourself rather than through your doctor's product recommendation, then for your safety, we recommend clearing things like night moisture goggles with your doctor. 

4. Maybe give it a little more time?

Honestly, we're saying this for your benefit, not for our convenience. Sometimes with dry eye products people get on a roll a churn through things very quickly. But just as our symptoms may vary a lot from one day or one month to the next, so do our experiences with new products. We suggest putting some thought into an appropriate trial period for each new product.

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