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Donating during checkoutUpdated 2 years ago


You can now choose to add a donation to the Dry Eye Foundation during checkout! Your donation could be a 1%, 5% or 10% of your order value, or any amount of your choosing.

How much of my donation will go to Dry Eye Foundation?


All costs including payment processing fees are paid by the Dry Eye Shop.

Please note that you can also donate directly to the Dry Eye Foundation at any time on their site. 

Who is the Dry Eye Foundation?

The Dry Eye Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to improving life for people with dry eye disease. Please follow the link to read more! 


They are completely separate organizations and have no legal, financial or contractual relationships of any kind.

Dry Eye Shop is a privately owned company with paid staff. 

Dry Eye Foundation is a nonprofit organization, funded by donations and staffed by volunteers.

The one thing shared by the two organizations is mission and people. We are extremely fastidious about the ethics of separateness, though, so while the Shop puts a lot of effort into promoting the Foundation (from research projects to encouraging donations), it's a one-way street. You will never see the Dry Eye Foundation promote or even mention the existence of the Dry Eye Shop on its website, email communications, social media posts, literature, etc. 

Does the Shop benefit from collecting donations?

No. The Dry Eye Foundation does not incentivize or compensate Dry Eye Shop in any way for promoting the Foundation or collecting donations for it.

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